Ep 012: Kay Christy – Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Affirmations Can Help! Listen In and Find Out How…

Listen to “Ep 012: Kay Christy – Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired” on Spreaker.

Ever wonder if prayer and affirmation could help you? Can you simply recite a prayer and feel better about yourself?

Kay Christy believe that prayer and affirmation can project you forward and leave your feeling better about yourself.

Her book, Gifts from Guidance, breaks down three themes: comfort, encouragement and possibility.

Kay talks about the Law of Attraction and the concept surrounding it. “When you are living in a universal and thought reality, our guides, or spirit energies who try to influence us from a spirit realm, they don’t know the difference between positive and negative.

So when you say, ‘I am not attractive’ to other people, then what the universe does is sends us more of the same experience.

In short, the universe will send you what you ask for.

Kay says, “It’s not about whether you can accept a higher power, it is more about whether you can let go of control”.

Her prayers for daily life include one of her favorites: “Everything is in divine and perfect order, including me.”

Will her affirmations work for you? Join in and find out.

More info about Kay Christy and Gifts from Guidance:

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