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I was recently interviewed by Paul Churchill on the Recovery Elevator podcast, have a listen.

James Healy Interview

by Recovery Elevator | Episode 66

“You’re going to die.”

When I finally decided I was ready for addiction recovery, I had lost a lot, much like many others who had walked in these same shoes before me.

In fact, I had even just lost my shoes.

I was waking up in a hospital. No idea how I got there. No shoes. Nothing.

I thought to myself, “You’re going to die.”

But, I didn’t really want to die. I just wanted to free of my addiction. Free to move to a better place in my life.

At one time earlier in my life, I had owned a “Health and Fitness” hiking tour company. I traveled the world and focused on hiking, practicing yoga, eating healthy cuisine, sharing these experiences and values with others.

I fully understood the emotional value of being physically healthy. Exercising, eating well, breathing deeply, laughing with others and sharing lifelong memories.

After a time, my life had somehow become unmanageable, alcohol had snuck in and taken over. Drinking wasn’t fun anymore, it just caused problems.

I understood that there were a lot of chemicals at work, causing me to make poor decisions and feel emotionally and physically horrible.

I met with Lynn Smith, a nutritionist who specializes in sports nutrition and addiction recovery nutrition. She helped me put together a personalized addiction recovery nutrition plan and program. My initial goal was to reduce the cravings I was experiencing, but I soon realized that healthier nutrition went much deeper.

I realized I was going to be in a much stronger position to deal with the emotional and psychological challenges now before me if I felt better physically. If I had a headache, felt nauseous and lethargic, I could hardly put my full effort into my spiritual healing.

While in recovery, I began to meet many others with similar struggles. I realized they were often on the same “Nutrition Program” just minus their drug of choice – frozen pizzas, hot pockets and microwave burritos washed down with Mountain Dew and Red Bull.

I started mentioning the tidbits Lynn had taught me or I had learned while researching online and said that maybe they might consider changing some nutritional choices to aid them during their recovery.

Some people actually listened to me and agreed that maybe I had something with this nutrition angle. I started teaching a little class at the Serenity Hall, part of the Serenity House in Loveland, Colorado.

I put together much of what I was teaching onto a blog called Hungry for Recovery. I have since also been coaching others in their sobriety as well with my services at The Art of Sobriety.

And now, well over 1,000 days into sobriety and a life I love, I am launching this podcast to help others in recovery have access to professional advice and knowledge like Lynn’s, aiding and allowing them to find a path to their own recovery.

I hope what you find here helps you or a loved one to feel better and live longer.

Best wishes, James Healy

p.s. I did get my shoes back, eventually. I left the hospital and went to a detox facility. Went to some great AA meetings, met with some professional counselors and decided it was time to get and stay sober.

I left after a few days and rode the bus (shoeless) back to my car where the shoes were. The paramedics had taken them off of me when they picked me up.

And that whole deal is another story…