RI 021: David Essel – Gratitude, Joy and Your Life’s Purpose

Listen to “RI 021: David Essel – Gratitude, Joy and Your Life’s Purpose” on Spreaker.

David Essel’s purpose has been to help other people. As a celebrated Life Coach and Addiction Recovery expert, he is doing just that.

Even after David found his purpose, he used drugs and alcohol to cover up his insecurities.

Ever find yourself wondering, “What is my purpose?”

You are certainly not alone. David discusses his book Rock Star, a book that will help you answer this persistent question.

Why do recovering addicts need to find their purpose? When you find your purpose, life becomes so much more brilliant. So much more meaningful.

David talks about how having true gratitude take requires action, but it can be as simple as looking someone in the eye and creating a real connection… or smiling at someone you don’t know.

Without joy, following your path won’t be complete.

David’s enthusiasm is contagious. Listen in, you won’t regret it.

Website: http://talkdavid.com

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